I love creating beautiful portraits for women, and as a portrait photographer, I find meaning in my work when it positively impacts how women feel about themselves. My portrait sessions are individually stylized for each client and all photo shoots are intended to celebrate, elevate and empower women. Most photo shoots take place at my studio in Farmers Branch where clients are greeted with a big hug before they sit for their makeover with a professional hair and makeup artist. I am appreciative to all the women who come through my door sharing tidbits of their lives with me. I have heard many stories filled with love, broken hearts, hope, achievements, dreams and goals and they have inspired and humbled me. Life stories create a sensitive awareness of the person I am photographing and without the opportunity to listen to my clients my work would be less meaningful.

YOUR story fuels my creative process because it allows a heartfelt glimpse into your world and that connection helps me deliver a photo shoot unique to you. Your story defines who you are and where you are going. Anyone can take pictures; that is not what I do. I create portraits. Gaining a sense of who you are allows me to deliver images that are beautiful, meaningful and personal to you and that means everything to me.

My work and the service I provide is driven by my passion to spread joy through portraits. I genuinely love witnessing women come alive during their photo shoot. Watching insecurities fade and confidence grow is such a gift and capturing that is priceless. Women from all walks of life inspire me and I will always be committed to providing service from the heart, creating beautiful work and offering high quality products to my client friends. I understand there is a plethora of photographers out there so when you choose to trust in me and my work I am honored and truly thankful. At the end of the day, I want every woman to walk away feeling confident, beautiful, happy and fulfilled. I create with love and feel immense gratitude to every woman that allows me the privilege to work with them.

Some personal 411…

I grew up in California, fell in love in New York City, lived in London as a happy expat and moved to Dallas in 2016 with my wonderful husband and two amazing children. I appreciate good coffee, enjoy peanut butter cups and am attracted to people who are genuinely thoughtful and kind.